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Visit us from now on Christadelphian World

Dear reader,

Welcome on this site, which we consider as having come to an end. These pages are still left on the net because many articles were been linked to in other websites. By transferring them to our new websites these links would not work any more.

Church and religious news shall in the future been published mainly on two sites:
christadelphian church kedron brook (5)
christadelphian church kedron brook (5) (Photo credit: bertknot)

Christadelphian World and Christadelphian Ecclesia.

On Christadelphian World you shall be able to find further news on matters of faith and religion. The previous articles from the Multiply Journals "Bijbelonderzoekers" and "Christadelphians", which finishes on 2012, December 1, are brought together and republished on Christadelphian World. New religious news shall be placed on that news platform in the future as longs as interest may be shown.

For specific Christian and Christadelphian articles we want to invite you to come and visit the ecclesial site: Christadelphian Ecclesia and the Flemish Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ: Broeders in Christus.


October 2013 update:

Because of the change in Xanga service the Cristadelphian site on that platform has been stopped and transferred in October 2013 onto a WordPress site: Stepping toes.
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Bezoek Christadelphian World

Naast dit blog, dat wij als afgesloten beschouwen, maar nog laten staan wegens de doorverwijs artikelen, zijn al de Multiply Blogs samengebundeld en de artikelen van "Bijbelonderzoekers" en van "Christadelphians" opgenomen in het nieuwe "Christadelphian World".

Naast de WordPress sites van de Vlaamse Broeders in Christus en de Belgische kerkgemeenschap of ecclesia kan u op Christadelphian World nu verder kerkelijk nieuws vinden.

Graag vinden wij u terug op onze vernieuwde site.